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Must Have Android App for CS And IT students To Deal With Binary Numbers


Guys it’s ViNs, Today I am here to
introduce a new Android app which is must for CS and IT students to deal with binary numbers


It is developed by our Team member Chahat who works as a Android Developer in our Vinstechs Team


Binary operations have always been a tricky task for anyone who comes to face it, be it an assembly language expert or a first semester computer science student. 

Ank: Complete Binary Solutions is a new app which has recently been released on the Google Play Store by our Android developer. This app has got a good number of feedbacks and appreciations from the tech group including students, teachers and even pro developers.

This app has a completely new concept for students learning computer science. It provides solutions to complex questions with a click. This is the app which deals with the headache every CS student face in the very first semester and throughout their studies: BINARIES!The main features of this app includes:

  •  Conversion of binaries, octal, decimal and hexadecimal values from one another with detailed solution, as someone solves it with a pen and paper!
  • All arithmetic operations on binary digits.
  • Translation from text to binary and vice versa, which also comes with speech to text option. One can use this feature without even touching his phone!
  • Keeps record of all the conversions, calculations and translations you make, so you don’t need to mess up to look back.

Another thing is, that this app is self-sufficient with logics and all the features are completely offline.

Talking to the developer of the believe corp, we came to know that the app will get updates in every few weeks and will be able to do more unique tasks no one has ever did.
You can download this app from play store. Click here to Download from play store.

Vinayak Ganigerhttps://vinstechs.com
Vinstechs founder and an aspiring Entrepreneur. He is a proud Geek and he is very much passionate about Technology, Ethical Hacking, Programming and Artificial Intelligence. He believes that "In Technology Whatever Can Be Done, Will Be Done". You can Email him at [email protected]

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