Momo Challenge: Another Suicidal Game That Challenges Bluewhale

new deadly momo challenge game

Recently, the internet has a terrible entertainment, provoking the suicide of children with a weak psyche, similar to “Blue Whale.” Probably, it is already being affected by many regions. Now forgot “Bluewhale“, its all momo challenge today, hypnotizing young teenagers in doing deadly tasks and blackmailing with personal information.

What Is This “Momo Challenge” Game?

A woman with bulging eyes, a big mouth and chicken paws suddenly appears in the list of your contacts in the WhatsApp messenger. All attempts to remove it are usually useless. Contact with a terrible avatar appears again and again. Then he starts to write that he knows everything about you and you will die in a few days. And also easily switches to the language of the interlocutor and communicates with simple phrases.

Then threatens, sends files with scenes of violence, detailed information about you and gives an indication of self-destruction. Sometimes this woman calls and scares you with a cry that goes into a hysterical laugh.

This game is a certain category of children who are addicted to the opinions of others. They want to meet someone’s expectations, be favorites of their parents. And if they hear the threat will be bad for their relatives.

How does Momo Challenge Targetting The “Victims”?

Obviously, this is not a demon, but a virtual psycho bot.

The game challenge looks simple and mainly targeting people through WhatsApp. While you are viewing the video sent by the “curator“, the program reads personal data from the victims’ smartphone. A teenager sees his photos, videos, addresses, and telephones from his own phone, so he becomes frightened and starts to believe in a real “Demon” of the internet.

If the child among these data has something “hot” that he would like to hide, he can be blackmailed.

Did this game lead to suicide?

It is not known, because the game appeared a month ago. However, the media reported the suicide attempt of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina on July 22 occurred precisely because of “Momo”. The girl’s body hung on a rope, and next to it lay the phone. “Hacking” the password, found a correspondence with a creepy character in the messenger WhatsApp, reported in the police. What ended the investigation – it is still unknown.

The media also referred to statements by Spanish and American law enforcement officials, who in July warned against contacts with users using an image of a terrible woman on the avatar – “Momo”.

For a week, some video bloggers recorded dozens of Momo calls and told horror stories about “Momo” and make humorous sketches. In some cases, they rewrite to WhatsApp and receive messages like “You will die”.

On the dominance of “Momo” in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet is not coming.

What is known about the developers?

new deadly momo challenge game

It is interesting that the image of “Momo” is a photograph of the sculpture of the Japanese artist Midori Hayashi, depicting a mother bird. She appeared in the horror museum in Japan as early as 2016 and, obviously, has nothing to do with the eerie game that is rapidly spreading around the world.

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Momo Challenge” first appeared on Facebook on June 30. Someone asked for help with the message and indicated his phone number. The information spread quickly, and many people got on this hook and called. Thus, experts believe, the program “Momo” spread throughout the world. But in the world, there are a lot of people who piously believe that “Momo” is a demon who lives and rules online and in smartphones …

How to protect yourself?

Try to protect your child’s smartphones from harmful effects by using special programs, or completely remove the messenger WhatsApp. And it’s better to spend more time with your children, and not to give them to the networks.

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