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Microsoft Surface Event Is over: Computer Giant Announced Four New Surface Products


Each fall, Microsoft renews its hardware lines with new devices and this year was no exception. At an event held in New York, the computer giant announced four new Microsoft Surface products: three laptops and a few headphones with new update list.

Software updates were also announced, such as the availability of an update for Windows 10 and Office 365. We tell you everything.


The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is the new laptop for the masses of Microsoft. This new version is faster than the previous one and has an improved 13.5-inch screen with “Pixel Sense” technology for touch screens. It has 3.4 million pixels. According to the company, it is the thinnest LCD screen created on a touch computer.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

But perhaps what will most interest everyone is the fact that it comes with a battery that “will make you leave the charger“. According to them, this battery will last “lasts all day”, more precisely, 14.5 hours.

In addition, it comes with an improved keyboard, which will be quieter when writing and at the same time, it will help you write your best verses more quickly. Its eighth-generation processors help its performance be 85% faster than its predecessor.

The Surface 2 will be available as of October 16, comes in blue, black and gray and will cost $999 dollars. You may also visit where you can find Best Windows 10 Laptops in 2018 at less than $500.


Costing exactly $ 100 less than the Surface Laptop 2, the Surface Pro 6, has eighth-generation Intel processors that make it 67% faster than its predecessor.

Microsoft Surface pro 6

With a weight of 1.7 pounds, you will have a 12.3-inch screen with Pixel Sense technology. Your battery now has a longer use compared to the previous model. More precisely, it extends in 3.5 hours. This makes it an ideal option if you must work in different places, carrying your computer. One of the biggest criticisms is that it does not come with USB port C.

It comes in black and silver and will be available from October 16.


The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 comes to delight design experts. According to the company, it is the fastest Surface ever made. Its 28-inch screen, Surface Pen with 4096 levels of pressure, Surface Dial, as well as the flexibility of use with the possibility of working in it from various angles, make it the ideal device if you are a designer who likes to work directly with your hands.

Microsoft Surface Studio

And if it turns out that you’re also a fan of the Xbox, you’ll like to know what’s coming with Xbox Wireless built-in now, so you can play your favorite video games.


This was the device that surprised me the most. Microsoft announced the arrival of the first hearing aids that come with integrated Cortana.

Microsoft Surface Hearing Aids

The Surface hearing aids, are the first to launch the company and of course, most importantly, incorporating your intelligent assistant, Cortana, which is already present on devices with Windows. These completely wireless headphones come with noise cancellation technology that makes them ideal to disconnect from the bustle in cities or on an airplane. But it is not a feature made to please the public since it offers 13 different levels of noise cancellation.

It also comes with touch technology to make quick commands like adjust the volume or move to the next song. They come with USB-C port and fast charge that in five minutes, provide an hour of use.

These hearing aids will be available in the United States before the end of the year.


The Windows 10 update will be available today for download. Features like Your Phone App and Windows Timeline improve integration between all the devices they have, whether they are iOS, Android or PC. Also, Skype and Outlook will be integrated much better to manage your time more efficiently.

Also, new features of Office 365 were announced, where tools such as Inking in PowerPoint and 3D animations will be present to unleash your creativity.

Microsoft Your Phone App

Four months back, Microsoft announced to launch Your Phone App, which would be part of the renewal of Windows 10 and new features that would improve the user experience. Smartphones being one of the most used tools today in the home or office, Your Phone was announced under the promise of allowing users to work with the mobile from the PC.

Microsoft Surface YourphoneApp

Now, on the event of presentation of Microsoft Surface models in New York City, Microsoft has revealed new features for this application to allow users of a Windows PC to access the images and messages received from their mobile with Android.

The Your Phone application will be included in the upcoming Windows update scheduled for October 10, and its interface will show the photos and recent text messages sent to the mobile. This information can be dragged, dropped, copied and pasted onto the Windows desktop and into other system applications.

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As they did with Xbox All Access, Microsoft Surface will be providing payment facilities so that everyone can access their products, in the same way, they access mobile devices through operators. This means that it is a fee payment plan that starts at $ 25 dollars and gives access to services that require subscription and payment such as Office 365.

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