Microsoft Invests In 7 AI Projects For Handicap People

Microsoft AI
As part of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Microsoft awarded grants to 7 AI projects designed to make the world more inclusive.

Microsoft has just awarded grants to 7 projects based on artificial intelligence or virtual reality and essentially to improve the accessibility of people with disabilities in the computer world.

Accessibility is a major problem for many people with disabilities. The use of a computer is particularly important for some people with disabilities. The American software giant is much involved and has just offered grants in 7 AI projects for accessibility to people with disabilities.

On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Microsoft officially reported that these projects are based on artificial intelligence via the Azure AI platform and through Azure computing credits as well as Microsoft technical support. These grants are part of a five-year initiative that will invest $ 25 million in AI-based accessibility tools. In the coming years, the beneficiaries of these grants will work on their respective projects.

Innovative Projects Using AI

Among these projects, there is a bracelet sensitive to micro-movements of the hands and arms. Artificial intelligence translates these micro-movements into actions such as a mouse click. Another project is a cap that can read the electrical activity of the brain, such as an electroencephalogram. This data is sent to the cloud to provide warnings and seizure alerts. Other tools are based on speech recognition, chatbots or even AI-based applications for the visually impaired. Also, Microsoft had released a controller for its Xbox game console designed for people with disabilities.

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