Microsoft office in Mac App Store

With the promise, Microsoft Office has finally arrived this Thursday at the Mac App Store. The software giant said the suite would arrive by the end of 2018, and despite not meeting the dates, the delay has been brief.

The Microsoft Office 365 package, with its applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive, are available in Mac App Store. Of course, a subscription to Office 365 will be necessary to use them. The addition of Microsoft Office in the Mac App Store is a fact, of course, significant. So far, most major developers have been kept out of the Apple App Store. This attitude was not produced so much by the economic amount that those of Cupertino can take in commissions, as by the sandboxing.

It is not necessary to clarify that the programs are exactly the same as previously available for Mac through the services of Microsoft itself in direct download. This notorious entry has produced or produced those of Lightroom, Houseparty, Transmit, BBEdit and Live Studio, according to Apple.

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