Microsoft Announces The Separation Of Cortana From Search Box

Microsoft seperates cortana in windows 10

Hey, I started the day with an important feature related to Cortana, the voice assistant available in the Windows 10. As you know, until now Cortana was available in the search box of the taskbar. But, from now onwards it is separated from the search box and Microsoft has just announced the separation of Cortana.

It is one of the main features of 18317 build, whose details are available in the official statement published by the company. As we can read in the statement, Microsoft has decided to differentiate the use of MicrossoftCortana and the search box, a change that will be available from April. In particular, the objective pursued by the company is to improve both functions allowing each one to evolve independently.

Taking into account the above, starting in April the search box will be limited to searches by text. In this way, users who want to make a query to Cortana will have to use the new button that you can see in the image that illustrates this article. If we look back, the company has been trying to improve Windows search functions for some time.

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