Microsoft Announces That It Will Shutdown Windows 7 By 2020

Windows 7 will shutdown by 2020

If you still using Windows 7, then here a bad news for you. That’s because exactly one year from now, on January 14, Microsoft will no longer support the old operating system. That is, the company will not send more updates or security fixes to Windows 7 for individual users. The company had previously mentioned that it would stop updating the system.

The company had already created a campaign encouraging its users to update their devices. However, corporate customers who pay for the support on their computers will still have the attention of Microsoft for some time.

Windows 7 was released 10 years ago and is among the most widely used desktop operating systems, only to be outdated by Windows 10 at the end of last year, which shows the number of Microsoft OS users. The December 2018 report from NetMarketShare showed that 39.2% of systems collected data from Windows 10 is used, while 36.9% use Windows 7.

In 2012, the computer giant decided to extend five years of support for all editions of Windows 7 to individual users. When CNET asked about a position regarding the termination of support, Microsoft did not provide an official position.

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