Microsoft 2019 Surface Event Highlights: New Laptops And Notebooks

Microsoft 2019 Surface Event

Today, Microsoft officially unveiled the 2019 Surface range. The event is over with big announcements. The keynote included two new hybrid tablets and a full-fledged laptop in two sizes – another attempt by Microsoft to compete with the MacBook. Here are the highlights of Microsoft 2019 Surface Event.

Surface Pro X

The latest top-end tablet with a 13-inch display and Qualcomm processor runs on the Windows on ARM platform. Like regular Surface Pros, this is a hybrid model that replaces a laptop when a keyboard is connected. The prototype is even has a removable hard drive – which is a rarity not only for tablets but for most laptops.

Microsoft 2019 Surface Event

In the thinnest place, its thickness is only 5.33 mm, and it weighs only 762 grams. The stylus also became thinner, which was reflected in its name: now it is Slim Surface Pen. It charges in a special tray above the keyboard. Surface Pro X goes on sale on November 5 at a price of $ 999.

Surface Pro 7

This hybrid laptop and tablet look almost the same as last year’s model. There is only one important change: added USB-C. So, now you can exchange files at normal speed. The device is also compatible with the Surface Pen stylus, with which it is much more convenient to draw and edit documents and tables.

Microsoft 2019 Surface Event

Surface Pro 7 was priced at $ 749 and Microsoft has already opened pre-orders. Typically, the Surface Pro does not include a stylus or keyboard, so get ready for extra spending if you need it.

Surface Laptop 3

Surface Laptop 3 is available in 13.5 – and 15-inch versions. It is obvious that Microsoft this year decided not to trifle and compete immediately with both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The case of the device is aluminum, and around the keyboard, they added a soft soft-touch coating. The size of the touchpad has been increased for ease of use.

Microsoft 2019 Surface Event

It was equipped with an unnamed Intel 10th generation processor. It is reported that it is “twice as powerful” as in Surface Laptop 2 – and three times more powerful than MacBook Air. The graphics card here is the AMD Ryzen Surface Edition chip, “AMD’s most powerful mobile graphics,” co-developed with Microsoft.

Up to 80% of the Surface Laptop 3 charges in just an hour, and it can work all day on a single charge. Similar fast charging is available on all Surface devices today. cost of the 13.5-inch model starts at $ 999, and the 15-inch model starts at $ 1,199. Both will go on sale on October 22. All three models charge up to 80% in just an hour.

Not only Surface range, Microsoft also launched two new folding devices that many users have been waiting for for a very long time.

Surface Neo

It is the first big tablet in a book format with two identical screens. Surface Neo runs on a special Windows 10X OS, which allows you to run programs on different screens and work with them simultaneously. The thickness of each half is only 5.6 mm, and the total weight of the device is 655 grams. Displays are protected by Gorilla Glass.

Microsoft 2019 Surface Event

You can connect a magnetic keyboard to the gadget, which is placed on top of one of the screens, closing it only partially. In the remaining visible area, the auxiliary interface of various applications can be displayed. It also has a magnetic Surface Pen attached to the back cover.

Microsoft 2019 Surface Event

Inside, there is an Intel Lakefield processor, which Microsoft called a hybrid solution with an 11th gen-graphics accelerator for managing both screens. More details about the filling and the system will cost only next year.

Surface Duo

The second one is Surface Duo, which is a smaller version of the Neo based on Android. This gadget is developed in conjunction with Google. In fact, it is an analog of the ZTE Axon M, which was introduced back in 2017. Both screens have a diagonal of 5.6 inches, and when you turn, you get a tablet with a display of 8.3 inches. On the screens you can run different applications. Also on one of them, you can display a virtual keyboard for typing.

Microsoft 2019 Surface Event

Both gadgets will appear on sale in a year, by the New Year’s holiday in 2020. Microsoft wants to give developers more time to adapt their applications to this type of device. Prices of new products, of course, have not yet been announced.

Surface Earbuds

Much earlier, the Surface Laptop 3 and two classic tablets will appear on the sale. Not only Tablets, Microsoft introduced its first fully wireless headphones. They got the logical name Surface Earbuds.

Microsoft 2019 Surface Event

Headphones have a rather unusual shape, which will definitely allow them to stand out from the many competitors. Surface Earbuds has a large round outer surface which is completely flat. It can recognize both clicks and swipes. Using gestures, you can not only receive calls or switch tracks but also open applications.

For example, in a few simple gestures, the user can open Spotify and turn on the music. At the same time, the smartphone itself does not even have to be taken out of the pocket.

Also, Surface Earbuds integrated with Office apps, which allows you to dictate text in Word or switch PowerPoint slides with voice commands. Each earphone has two microphones, allowing you to cut off excess noise during a call. Based on the case with a built-in battery, Surface Earbuds last up to 24 hours. The price of the accessory is $249 dollars.

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