Lenovo Showed The World’s First Foldable Screen Laptop

Lenovo Thinpad X1 foldable screen laptop

After many years in technology development, the foldable smartphones are finally coming to market. Samsung and Huawei have already introduced the first equipment that will soon be available for purchase. Meanwhile, there are other smartphone manufacturers developing their own handsets that could be officially released later this year. However, not everything will be related to smartphones as revealed by the latest bet that Lenovo prepares.

Lenovo Prepares First Foldable Laptop

Lenovo has announced a foldable display device, but its not a smartphone. In practice, it is a very innovative laptop. This device, called ThinkPad X1 is a prototype and was presented at the company’s annual sales event.

Of course, there is still a long way to go before this device is marketed. It is still necessary to look at various details. For example, the Chinese company is still figuring out how it will be possible to integrate a physical keyboard into this equipment. You may not even have one. The prototype of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 folding screen laptop has a hinge that allows it to allow the screen to be heavily tilted to a variety of viewing angles. It also has a high-resolution 13.3-inch panel and runs the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Lenovo Want To Do Everything

There has been working on this device for three years and does not want to launch it until 2020. This is something that makes a lot of sense especially with what happened with the Galaxy Fold.

We remind you that Samsung launched the ambitious Galaxy Fold smartphone earlier this year. When the device was about to go on sale, the South Korean giant had to postpone the launch because of initial feedback about screen-related issues. By the way, we are still waiting for this company to announce a new release date.

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