LandBot Raises $2.2 Million Startup Funding In Short Time

landbot raised startup funding

Over the past 2 years, the tech giants have tried to outdo themselves to create the smart chatbots who can have clear conversations with you.They are investing huge startup funding in Newbie startups. And we have already experienced texting with Google Assistant Apple Siri which works on artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, Facebook has been released its messenger bots in 2016. Also ‘Replika’ is testing users patience through an app. So, Our Vinstechs team discovered a new chatbot platform that helps you a lot.

LandBot, an eight months old Spain-based startup company, takes a different approach to create a business chatbots. It is an online platform for building and customizing chatbots and virtual assistants. So, one can design and develop their own chat functionalities on the website. LandBot also supports developers tool feature. This chatbot website builder aims to allow companies to create various feeds and survey chatbots.

Recently, LandBot has received $2.2 million startup funding in one round, which is led by Nauta Capital. In 2017, LandBot gained 950 customers from 50 countries. And small investors are showing must interest to give funds for this startup company.

They will also use the funds in their own brand marketing, instead of relying on viral growth. And, in fact, other conversational interfaces in nature offer a similar conversation experience on the client side, although Landbot claims to stand out in the backstage market, with easy-to-use customization tools without the need of coding.

Talking about the LandBot, the company CEO Jiaqi Pan said “Most LandBot customers are marketing managers from small and medium companies that want to discover new ways of optimizing their conversion rates

Is This Service Free To All?

LandBot is available in three different packs. Sandbox is an initial free plan, limited up to 100 conversations/month. For premium packs, the Startup plan offers 10,000 conversations with one chatbot for $ 40/month and professional plan with unlimited conversations starts at $ 75/month. For extra chatbots, one should pay an extra $20/month.So, new users can enjoy Sandbox Plan to get the better experience on this new platform.

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