iPhone Z: The Concept Of Apple’s First Foldable Smartphone

iPhone Z apple first foldable concept

The Russian company Caviar, known for selling custom and ultra-expensive iPhone models, has just shared a concept that should excite fans of Apple’s line of smartphones.

It is a mockup of what could become the first foldable iPhone. In the video, you can notice various design elements present in the current generations of the iPhone.

The detail that most catches the eye, of course, is the foldable screen, which could deliver proportions equivalent to those of the iPad Pro when opened. The model would feature cameras with 15 megapixels and Face ID built into the screen.

With the arrival of the Galaxy Fold to the market, Apple fans are waiting for a response to the height, but currently, we have nothing to prove that the apple is working on a foldable for launch in 2019. Of course, we would not be surprised if Apple decided to exploit this technology once it is a bit more solidified and at a more affordable price.

According to Caviar, the “iPhone Z” would cost nearly $ 12,000, which would make it the most expensive smartphone model ever launched by Apple after Mac Pro entry. However, concepts of foldable iPhones won’t stop appearing unless Apple thinks about it.

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