iPhone X Mini, a small, frameless concept that we would like Apple to make

iPhone X mini design by kim

Although we currently live in the era of large screens with mobiles that touch and even exceed in many cases the 6 inches, there are also some manufacturers (and consumers) who seek exactly the opposite: a phone as small as possible.

Without going any further, one of the most recent models of this type is the proposal of Palm, which has returned to the mobile landscape to launch an Android terminal of small dimensions. The case that concerns us today, however, is not for sale (at the moment) and does not have the operating system of Google, but it is a concept that reproduces how an iPhone X would be in mini size.

A Concept With Many Followers

iPhone X mini design by kim
iPhone X mini

There is no doubt that the trend that Apple is following in recent years is to increase the size of the iPhone screen more and more . It started with the Plus version of the iPhone 6 , with 5.5 inches, and has reached its maximum expression with the iPhone XS Max and its 6.5-inch panel.

This trend, which 6, to market demand, does not satisfy all users in the same way: while there are many who appreciate an increasingly larger screen, there are others who miss those managable and compact phones of yesteryear. Precisely among the latter is where the designer Dongjae “Krystofer” Kim is, who has just proposed a reduced version of the current iPhone.

iPhone X mini design by kim

This iPhone X Mini would also serve to call, send text messages and run some basic applications or emergency functions, with a size and shape that would allow to reach with your thumb to all corners. In fact, as we see in the images, its dimensions would be 40% smaller than those of the iPhone XS Max and instead of having seven rows of icons on the home screen, it would show five; it would also have a single camera and keep the notch elongated to increase the screen / front ratio.

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Could Apple go in this direction and launch an iPhone in mini size? The truth is that it is very unlikely if we consider the strategy of selling fewer phones at a higher price that the company has adopted due to the slowdown in the market. If we add to that the withdrawal and the non-renewal of the iPhone SE, it still seems more difficult. But there is no doubt that more than one would be very attracted to a phone like that, would not it?

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