iPhone 11 Pro,iPad Pro 2019, Apple Watch Series 5 And More: Twitter Leaks

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

A popular twitter user, Mark Gurman, has revealed major leaks before the presentation of keynote in September event. According to Bloomberg, we are very close to see the ‘iPhone Pro‘, the new iPad and the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. More often, Apples aims to unveil all those products before October.

iPhone 11 Is Renovated

Let’s go with the details, starting with three new iPhones. The successors of the XS range will receive the “Pro” version with new names. They will carry a new camera made for wide-angle photographs, and improve the image in low light situations. The quality and possibilities when recording and editing videos will also increase.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro
Apple iPhone 11 Pro

In addition to the camera, we will also have a wireless charger in the terminal itself from which we can charge accessories such as AirPods. Even so, its rear part will be more resistant to falls and water. There will be a new sensor system that will improve Face ID … but 3D Touch will disappear.

All new iPhone will feature the A13 Bionic chip, which will include a new co-processor that will handle the most complicated mathematical tasks. That will be key to be able to work better with augmented reality, a feature that Apple wants to squeeze more and more. Meanwhile, no iPhone will come in 2019 with 5G connectivity, maybe in 2020.

What’s New This Year

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Beyond the iPhone we will have more news:

  1. New iPad Pro comes with a faster and improved camera. The sizes will remain 11 and 12.9 inches. No one has specified whether they will be presented on the September event. May be in October.
  2. Will be presented a new 10.2 – inch iPad that has been waiting for a renovation since 2018. After nine years, the original size of the iPad screen disappears.
  3. The Apple Watch Series 5 will be a rather discreet update, with perhaps faster processors and new titanium and ceramic finishes.
  4. There will be new AirPods waterproof and with sound cancellation. They will be launched in early 2020.
  5. We will also have a new cheaper model of the HomePod (‘HomePod mini’?) That would seek to increase the sales of the original HomePod. Instead of seven internal speakers, it will carry only two.
  6. New 16-inch MacBook Pro, with thinner frames, seeks to surprise and restore the confidence of the most demanding professionals.

And of course, we will see the arrival of new Mac Pro and the XDR Pro Display and the launch of Apple Arcade and Apple TV +. This fall will be one of the most complete and important in Apple’s history, without any doubt.

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