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iOS or Android? Which Is Best to Use According to Your Need


The biggest confusion of today’s mobile consumer is iOS or Android? This has been a long-standing argument. This one will always end in a draw, as there will not likely be any winner. This is fast becoming a headache for almost every individual, firm or establishment. The crazy part about these operating systems is that in their strength lies their weaknesses. Android, for example, is an open source operating system that is fantastic but also causes it to be prone to insecurity. With a good knowledge of the Android operating system, adequate knowledge of programming and the right tools, you will give any android app development company a run for their money as long as you know what you are doing. IOS on its own part is secure but is a close source which does help to promote the app of up and coming app developers who do not program apps for them. In other words, if you do not work with apple or for apple you cannot use their operating system to write an app.

A research conducted by a Magento e-commerce agency at the beginning of the year showed that most individuals use phones running on the Android OS. This is actually because Android is an open source OS and many brands such as Huawei, Samsung, HTC uses Android OS. like I said earlier, there are no winners in this argument. However, this article will present a sort of head-to-head outcome on both OSes on different fronts and let you decide based on the results.

Open System, Closed System

From the inception of the Android OS, this is the feature that enabled the Android OS to survive for a long as it has with the competition against IOS. This was, is and will continue to be its selling point as IOS do not seem like changing its stance on its closed system feature. IOS on its own part have not and do not intend porting any of its apps to the Android store. So, if you are satisfied with the apps contained in IStore then you can stick with apple. However, if you are someone who loves to experiment then Android is your best bet.

User Interface

This is another point that most people have divided opinion on. Most people are of the opinion that the IOS interface is easy to use and basic. Android on its own part allows you to take control and manipulate as much as you wish. In this light, the IOS is for you if what you need is easy to use, the basic and user-friendly interface that allow you few tweaks to your home screen. If you love control over your device, then you need an Android operating phone.


The issue of security for a long time has always tilted towards the side of IOS. Due to the openness of the Android system, tons of apps get shipped into its app store that is not well screened for security checks. As a result, it is becoming a regular thing to download apps only to be faced with the reality that you just downloaded a buggy app or an app carry seriously harmful malware. IOS on its own part monitors every single app that gets into IStore. So if you do not joke with security, then you should stick to Android. If you can gamble with the security aspect of the Android OS, however, you can go with android operation phones and entrust your security to antivirus apps.

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Video calling

With FaceTime on IOS, you can get the best of video conferencing. On Android, however, there are a number of apps to choose from. It is the official video call app for IOS. On Android devices, however, no application can be inarguably called the official video calling app. so if you are into video calling, I will suggest that you stick to IOS. If the video call is not in your top priority, then you can pick android operating phones for some other features it has.


This is where I allow my sentiment to come in as I will say that Android phones have it. In where I come from, there is this saying “if you no get money, hide your face”. This means that “if you do not have money, save yourself from disgrace”. This is the case of iPhones; they are not produced or manufactured considering different people. Apple makes nothing but luxury phones. There will never be a “cheap” iPhone. If you don’t want to pay top dollar for an iPhone, your only choice is to get a used one. They are manufactured for those that can afford them. Android phones due to its varying nature come at a numerous price. The prices do not just vary anyhow but vary based on category. There is a low end, middle end, and high-end phones. If you can afford the go for an iPhone but if you are constricted by budget, then it’s in your interest to stick to android phones.


The fact that an android phone is manufactured by a number of manufacturers gives it an extra edge as regards hardware components. Some, such as the Samsung S7 and the Google Pixel, is every bit as attractive as the iPhone 7 Plus. True, by checking and ensuring every step of the apple product manufacturing process, it makes sure iPhones have the great fit and finish, but so do the big Android phone manufacturers. Good Android phones can be found for as little as $100. They may not be too good looking but they do the job at a fraction of the price of an iPhone. Considering battery life, android phones are the definite pick but for certain features like camera and phone outlook iPhone comes out the top.

Choosing the operating system of your phone is no easy task. It is important that you consider these factors mentioned in this article. It is good to consider your pocket when getting a phone but it will do you good to stretch your budget a little to help you get the best of quality.

Author Bio: Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech, Magentodevelopers.online, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.

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