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Intel Wants To Promote 5G And AI In Laptops Through Project Athena


January is usually a month full of technological innovations thanks to CES, the popular technology fair held annually in Las Vegas. Just a few hours, Intel presented a new project that aims to promote innovation and the use of technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence in the sector of laptops.

We are talking about the so-called Project Athena, a project that will define the annual specifications that manufacturers must meet to receive a specific label. If we look back, many will remember that Intel required manufacturers to adhere certain specifications in order to market their products as Ultrabooks. The operation of Project Athena will be similar, although at the moment we do not know the exact specifications that Intel plans to promote with Project Athena since the company has to reveal it.

For now, Intel is focused on indicating that its goal is to foster new experiences in the new generation of laptops, emphasizing the terms artificial intelligence and 5G. In addition, other interesting aspects stand out in its promotional material. For example, a battery that offers autonomy when opening the laptop screen.

The goal of Intel is for manufacturers is to start announcing products that meet the Project Athena. Throughout the second half of 2019, we will remain alert to any developments. At this point to we take an opportunity to highlight that the company has already announced the collaboration of manufacturers such as HP, Samsung, Google, Microsoft or Lenovo, among many others.

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