Complete Product Review About Worlds Fastest Microprocessor – Intel i9 Core X series

Intel i9 Core product review

2008 was an interesting year the Large Hadron Collider was fired up for the first time. There was a historical selection in the US, we were all treated to that incredible Olympic ceremony in Beijing.Wait for, this is a tech blog, oh right yeah it also marked intel’s adoption of a brand new naming scheme for its CPU,s. With the high end of its processor range becoming Core i7 for the first time. Although curiously these chips contained four cores and eight threads which anyway. Nine years later Intel is expanding this scheme again with the core i9. And I’m not talking about an extensive Bavarian concept our Intel is now calling its highest end consumer processors core i9.So once again there won’t be a i9 core model in the mix.

What is this new i9 core microprocessor?

The first Core i9’s are part of the skyline X family continuing with Intel theme of releasing enthusiast level CPUs with one generation older microarchitecture than the mainstream processor family. However, unlike mainstream parts, core i9 features 10 cores on the lowest end.With models like 12 14 16 and even 18 cores forthcoming as well and they all feature hyperthreading. Meaning you’ll get anywhere between 20 & 36 threads.So it’s not surprising then that Intel is pushing these new chips as solutions for what it calls “MEGA TASKING”. It is a term defined by the Intel marketing department as simultaneously running multi-threaded hard-hitting workloads like gaming, streaming and recording on multiple desktops at once. A content creation like video audio and image editing for the same project at once.

What can I get from Intel’s i9 core?

You know what to hell with it, we’ve got 18 processors why not do both at once. Intel is also boasting of performance improvement – in lightly threaded workloads. In addition to the usual claims of slightly boosted raw IPC over the previous generation, they’ve also updated turbo boost 3.0. Now all core I nines and the core i7 78 20x will feature two preferred strongest cores for turbo frequencies and overclock, that is better than the others.Instead of just one strongest core, which could benefit applications like CPU bound games.

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What type of integrated graphics does the i9 core support?

These new chips will all use the new LGA 2066 socket so they won’t be backward compatible with any older boards. The good news going is that thanks to the shiny new X 299 chipset you’ll get support for up to three PCI Express 3.0 x4 SSDs with a total of up to 44 PCIe lanes directly off the CPU. So then depending on which CPU you choose that can mean tons of bandwidth for more graphics cards more storage and other expansion cards that need lots of throughputs – like Thunderbolt 3. For example, of course, all of this is going to come at a price with core i9 CPUs starting at a $1,999.

  • Core i9-7980XE – $1,999
  • Core i9-7960X – $1,699
  • Core i9-7940X – $1,399
  • Core i9-7920X – $1,199
  • Core i9-7900X – $999

All the way up to two grand for the top-end 18 core model yikes.So folks will effectively be paying extra for features on pricey high-end motherboards that they won’t even be able to use unless they upgrade their CPU down the line.But whatever you choose to buy or not buy.All of this is definitely good news in that competition is finally ramping up in the CPU industry for the first time in over half a decade.So you know what I say go red team(AMD) and also go blue team(INTEL). I just want faster computers in general.I don’t care who wins speaking of who wins you can win by installing tunnel their VPN tunnel bear.

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Lets you tunnel through one of 20 different countries allowing you to browse the internet and use online services as though you are in a different country.They’ve got easy-to-use apps for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac.Also a Chrome extension and all you got to do.

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Finally, I would recommend, try this new universal intel chip processor in 2018.So thank you guys for having me here. Dislike or like check out our other articles and subscribe our newsletter, so you don’t miss any interesting topic here.Don’t forget to comment us.


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