Intel Hints Its First Super Computer With 1 ExaFLOP

first intel super computer from aurora

In computer science, there is a concept to understand the “power” of computers. When we perform complex calculations, we measure the performance of the computer based on the floating-point operations per second, that is, the FLOPS.

An equal traditional computer has a few hundred gigaflops of power. A thousand gigaflops do a teraflop, petaflop, and an exaflop, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Rival Against IBM Quantum Computer

first intel super computer from aurora

We are used to reading about supercomputers of a maximum of 200 petaflops, but now Intel has presented a computer of 1 exaflop that will serve to make complex calculations. The computer will be so-called Aurora and will be the first exaflop system in the United States, although we will see it in 2021.

The system is being developed at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago and will be used to advance dramatically in research and scientific discovery. This project is worth more than 500 million dollars and will be delivered to the Argonne National Laboratory by Intel in 2021.

At the base of the Aurora, this supercomputer will be the new Intel technologies designed specifically for the improvement of AI and high-performance computing on an extreme computing scale. It includes an Intel’s Xeon processor, next-generation Optane DC Persistent Memory, and the Intel One API software. You can get more information at

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