Instagram Is Testing A Sticker For Charity Donations – Idea Of Collecting Data

Instagram donation tag

Facebook has been trying different options to buy and make payments on the platform, although it has not yet made any official. And, now, a new feature in beta phase is added, which shows the possibility of requesting and making donations from Histories.

A few weeks ago, Facebook had anticipated this feature, mentioning that it would add the possibility of adding a donation tag in the Instagram Stories, so that users can support non-profit organizations.

Jane Manchun Wong could already access this option and mentioned some details, as mentioned in The Verge. It follows the same feature as Facebook’s donation systems, allowing users to donate to their favorite NGOs. The user should only select the organization he or she wants, from a list provided by Instagram, and link it to the donation tag.

Instagram donation tag

On the other hand, a Facebook spokesperson has confirmed to TC, that they are at an early stage of the trial, but they hope to bring it to all users soon. A feature, which will surely transfer to donations of causes, and will be part of the e-commerce strategy for Instagram. For the time being, it will be necessary to wait for this function to pass the different stages of testing and revision, to be able to see its operation, and to evaluate if it fulfills its purpose.

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