Huawei Presents “World’s Most Powerful AI Processor”: Ascend 910

Huawei Ascend 910 AI processor

Today, Huawei has presented two new high-end AI processors, the Ascend 910, and the MindSpore development platform. Now the Chinese brand enters to compete directly against the Nvidia GPUs and the Google TensorFlow framework, respectively.

The portfolio is made by Ascend chip series, CANN tools, and MindSpore framework platform, all of them cover a wide variety of environments: Internet of Things, public and private clouds, consumer devices, etc.

Ascend 910 Is The Future Of Computing

Last year, Huawei has some details about the technical specifications of Ascend 910. Now, the chip has “exceeded our initial expectations”: despite its computing power is managed to maintain a maximum real consumption at 310W. The Ascend 910 offers up to 256 teraFLOPS throughput, while the more powerful Nvidia Tesla V100 GPU offers up to 125 teraFLOPS, and Google’s TPU 2.0 can reach 180 teraFLOPS.

Huawei Ascend 910 AI processor

The Ascend 910 will not be intended for personal utilities, but in data centers for training model models. In a typical training session based on ResNet-50, the combination of Ascend 910 and MindSpore proved to be up to twice as fast as other cards using the TensorFlow framework.

MindSpore, Perfect Alternative To Google TensorFlow

Huawei Ascend 910 AI processor

In 2018, Huawei announced three objectives while developing its AI framework: that it would facilitate development, efficient power and be able to adapt to various scenarios. Now, MindSpore meets the objectives set by the company last year. And, it claims to have guaranteed the security of private data.

Its design concept allows you to train models faster and develop advanced AI applications with ease. Not only Ascend 910, but this framework will also be compatible with CPUs and GPUs from other providers. Currently, the field of machine learning frameworks is led by Google TensorFlow. It is the standard tool that captures the most searches, academic articles, and online courses.

It is difficult to predict how the market for these tools choose MindSpore. Anyhow Huawei wants to make its users to strongly committed to its new tool.

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