Huawei Is Working On Gadget-level Smartphone Cases

Huawei Smart Cases

Smartphone producers have been trying many years to increase demand in various accessories. One of the most trying, is Motorola, with the Moto Mods, although we can not say that it is something very massive. Despite that, Huawei would have been inspired by it and would be preparing several smart cases for some of its models.

Smart cases that connect via Bluetooth

Huawei Smart Cases

As we have seen, in the registry of devices certified to use Bluetooth technology, Huawei is designing numerous cases, or so it seems by name, which will serve specific purposes. In the list, there are dozens of covers, but all are included in four models:

  • Games
  • Waterproof
  • Amplification
  • Health

Right now, the characteristics of these cases are yet to be known. As for the covers, it seems likely that first is a game controller similar to Honor, which was recently introduced. The second one is not new since the flagships of recent years have had cases in the form of a waterproof housing with a button for the camera. It is the one that illustrates this article.

Huawei Smart Cases

The third could be a case with a built-in battery and the last one with monitoring of certain vital signs, with more advanced sensors than those of a normal mobile. Perhaps these cases are presented at the IFA, at the event on the 6th in Berlin, but they are more likely to see the light in the presentation of the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro that is expected later this month or early next.

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