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How VR And AR Is Going To Revolutionise Many Industries All Across The World


Every year some new technology comes up and revolutionize many industries. For example, Artificial language and machine learning, at a time the technology was new but with their growth, they were able to shake most of the industries like robotics, healthcare, education, tech, real estate and so forth.
Just like that, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technology, recently been introduced has been able to grab the attention of a lot of tech product based developers like Google, Microsoft, Sony along with the investors who were really interested in investing with such start-ups and companies involved in this technology. A study suggested by IDC says that by 2020, these technologies will have gained 162 Billion USD revenue.
No wonder, it will potentially gain the greater attention of

• Business industry
• Education industry
• Health care industry
• Entertainment industry
• Real-estate
• Enterprise market
• Automotive industry
• Tech industry
And so forth.

Or, you may simply watch this video by Intel to understand the way Virtual Reality is taking over many of the industries.

Before diving into the details, let’s take grasp of the concepts of AR and VR and how do they work.

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Augmented Reality
‘Augmented’ basically means ‘increased’ or ‘enhanced’. So, we may simply define ‘Augmented Reality’ as the enhanced form of ‘virtual reality’ where the real world in enhanced in any way with the use of virtual elements.
In order to truly understand how this technology works, take the example of Google Glass (uses AR technology). Google glass is a normal pair of glasses with a separated small screen to create the augmented experience. Using the glass, you will see the real world as it is, but the small AR based screen placed between the real world and the user uses the computer vision and object recognition techniques to manipulate the information out of the real world. For example, it will show you GPS directions, allow you to send photos, or you may even check current temperature of the real world.
Augmented reality sees the real world as it is, and pull out the information from there and use that information to manipulate the space or the way a user percept the environment.

Virtual Reality
Unlike of AR, VR does not use or manipulate the real world data, rather it only creates the illusion of reality for the user to feel as if they are experiencing something very particular, one that exists only in virtual inside a software-based world.
For example, with a VR based device, the user may experience a complete turn-around of their head to see all around them and feel as if they could walk and interact with virtual objects.
• Used majorly for gaming, and entertainment.

How VR And AR Is Going To Revolutionise Many Industries All Across The World

Virtual and Augmented reality isn’t only the new cool thing. Reports are there which clearly suggests that in just a few years it is seriously going to disrupt a lot of industry and will change the way we deal with tech devices.
For example, it will change the way we teach our kids.
It will change the way enterprises demonstrates their new products…
It will change the way we play games.
It will change the way we watch movies or videos.

As indicated by a current report from Goldman Sachs Research, VR and AR can possibly turn into the next big computing platform. The report shows that “VR and AR can reshape existing methods for getting things done, from purchasing another home to communicating with a specialist or watching a show.”
We thought about few cases…

Computer games
The computer game industry is the primary dynamic behind the ascent of the present virtual and expanded reality based devices market. Verifiably gamers’ interest for the best graphics has fortified PC markets. There are now extraordinary diversion titles for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR and more are headed. This is a critical sign that computer games will drive the early appropriation of virtual reality.

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Training in the healthcare domain significantly requires a lot of resources and even bodies. But, guess what? It would not be required anymore with the introduction of Virtual Reality in the healthcare industry.
In fact, one of the greatest early adopters of virtual and augmented reality has been the healthcare industry. For quite a long time, VR and AR innovation have been utilized as a basic component of training healthcare professionals for surgeries.


How VR And AR Is Going To Revolutionise Many Industries All Across The World
• Engineers and dealers can profit by VR and AR to offer houses in a profoundly captivating manner. Virtual reality offers profundity and space that no video can appear. The capacity to demonstrate a sensible perspective of “right now non-existing spaces” can be very captivating for potential clients.
• It will add a ‘reality’ to what seems intangible at few times because it is often very difficult to demonstrate your end product to the relevant buyer. But with this technology, you can even pre-sell projects.
• Not just that, you will be able to take a quick tour or view of an apartment or villa or any place virtually from your home.
• Will boost the luxury sale

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Engineering and designing
Virtual and Augmented reality innovation empowers designers and engineers to see and test their ventures in a protected situation. Architects can utilize VR and AR from the primary idea outlines through the entire usage process and roll out improvements as needed.

Education and Training
As we did see, how this technology could bring innovation in training in the healthcare industry. Similarly, one of the greatest application territories for VR and AR are education and training.
These applications might be utilized by military, schools or open and private associations. VR and AR’s capacity to re-enact genuine situations in a sheltered domain makes unlimited potential outcomes to improve the way we instruct kids, prepare workforce or imagine complex speculations without spending tremendous measures of cash.

Business Industry
Big Enterprise or even a small start-up, they all are looking for an efficient and values-based ways to innovate the ways they do Business or product development. AR and VR could be that next big efficient thing.
• They could help the manufacturing based Business in product prototyping.
• Product demonstration to the clients or consumers will be made easy

Transportation industry
No doubt, Augmented reality could really innovate the today’s transport modalities.
For example, modern Vehicles come with an inbuilt GPS, but sometimes it really to give attention to the roads and follow the GPS. So, what would be the solution?
Simple, give a smart glass to the driver, the drive will give attention to the road, and the glass will pull out the information to handle the GPS part for you. Smart glasses, when connected with Augmented Reality in the transportation industry, will make us feel safer on the roads.

And, these were just a little grasp of what VR and AR could really do, In fact, many of the big enterprises have already utilized these technologies to give a better user experience for their consumers. For example, commonfloor.com already uses AR based Google cardboard to give a complete experience and tour of Apartments and flats to their customers while sitting at home.

Like me, if you are excited about VR and AR technology and the effect of VR and AR, I’d really happy to interact with you. Please do let us know your views on these technologies in the comments section below.

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