How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

How do I see someone's Instagram story

Instagram stories now exceed half a million users. But how to see someone’s stories without knowing them. We are here to guide you on how to view Instagram stories without them knowing.

In our case, we are going to use three web applications. Since we have not found applications safe enough to recommend them. However, despite being websites, we can access them from our smartphones. So there is no major problem to perform this process from the smartphone.

How to view instagram stories without following them and without them knowing

#1 StoriesIG

StoriesIG is our first web application that allows us to see Instagram stories without users knowing. To be frank, it only works if the user has an open account and has not restricted the stories to his best friends. Simply enter the name of the user so that all the stories appear.
You can watch them online, even if they are videos as well as download them to our device. If we want to use it regularly, you can always add a shortcut to the desktop.

#2 WeInstag

WeInstag is a web application designed to download Instagram content through the URL of the publications. However, it has a section dedicated to seeing stories. As with StoriesIG, the account is required to be open and the stories are not closed to best friends. Similarly, we can download them.

#3 Storieswatcher

This page is quite similar to StoriesIG at the interface level, although the “dark mode” makes an appearance. In this case, you have a button quite visible to download the stories directly

As you can see, the three websites have advertising. But the service they provide is really cool. With these web apps, you can view Instagram stories privately.

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