How To Upgrade Android Q In Step By Step

Android Q upgrade guide

Yes, it will be possible to upgrade to Android Q, at least in a beta version that the Mountain View company will announce for developers and users of the test program. Certainly, many devices are waiting for the latest Android Pie version, but soon announcements will be made by Google at 2019 I/O event.

If you are interested in knowing how to update to Android Q it is important that you must belong to the test program or download the corresponding files from the web and any test you make will be at your risk. As we pointed out before, to upgrade to Android Q you need to be an Android beta tester:

Upgrade to Android Q: Step by step

  • First, you must enter the Android website to join the beta program once the platform is available.
  • If it is available then you must enter your Gmail ID and your password so they can automatically detect if your mobile is compatible or not. If you are, you will receive the updates automatically.
  • If the test program is complete or closed you can download the latest complete OTA image and transfer it to your mobile, but it is a procedure at your own risk.
  • First of all, you should know that downloadable OTA images correspond to the Pixel and Nexus or Android One mobiles that are supported by the platform, in no case do they work for any terminal or device.

Another important aspect so that you can upgrade to Android Q is that your terminal must have, at least, Android Nougat so that it can be compatible with these new versions. Smartphones prior to Android MashMallow do not receive this support.

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