How To Stop People From Adding You To WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp Group New feature

After a long wait, WhatsApp finally released the feature to choose who can add you to groups. If you are worried that someone will add you to a group and end up being banned. So you can configure WhatsApp so that nobody can put you in groups without your permission.

Although in the first version of the WhatsApp functionality, there would be the “Nobody” option to completely block someone from adding you to groups. It is finally not so, at least in the beta version of WhatsApp. However, it is still possible to prevent anyone from adding you to groups, with just a couple of additional clicks.

Avoid Getting Into Unknown WhatsApp Groups

Keep in mind that this new option has been activating users for a few days, so it may not appear yet. This feature comes in version 2.19.298 beta of WhatsApp for Android. Although I personally have not been activated until the recent update to version 2.19.304.

To activate this new option you must follow the Path: WhatsApp Settings → Privacy → Groups → Scroll the options → Select the option you need.

You can see three options: Everyone, My contacts, My Contacts & Except … If you want to prevent strangers from adding you to groups, “My contacts” is enough. But if you fear that some of your contacts will put you in groups, then you will need to choose My contacts, except …

This shows a screen with all your WhatsApp contacts. If you want to prevent anyone from adding you to WhatsApp, you must select them or select all option. Luckily, there is a button to select all at a stroke and thus save you tens or hundreds of touches.

When finished, press the green floating button to complete the process. From this moment, nobody can add you to groups. Instead, you will receive invitations that you can accept … or ignore completely.

What happens if someone tries to add you in a group

The previous option prevents you from being added to the group automatically, but they can continue to invite you. In fact, if someone tries to add you to a group, it shows a prompt message “The person could not be added to the group“.

This invitation is a normal message that is sent to the chat and with which you can join the chat group if you see fit. The invitations are valid for three days and before entering a group you can see their name and who is in it. If you want to avoid being invited to groups, I’m afraid that at the moment the only option is to block the contact completely

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