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How To Send Self-Destructing Messages On Facebook


Wanna send a Self-Destructing Message On Facebook. The self-destructing message is nothing but the message you sent will be deleted after once it’s read.

Yeah, guys, you can do it on a Facebook in a very easy way and this feature is provided by Facebook itself.Just follow the below steps to learn it.

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1. Open the messenger:

Open the conversation of a person to whom you want to send a self-destructive message. Then click on the ‘i’ button on the top right corner.

How To Send Self-Destructing Message On Facebook
2. Select secret conversation

How To Send Self-Destructing Message On Facebook
After clicking on ‘i’ button, below you can see a secret conversation option, so click on it. Then it opens the secret conversation mode.

3. Secret Conversion

After clicking on the secret conversation, the screen will turn into a black theme. There you can send your secret messages to a person, and the messages you send are encrypted end-to-end symbol means your messages can only be seen by you and the person who receives them.

4. Set timer to Self-Destruct your message

How To Send Self-Destructing Message On Facebook
You can set the timer by clicking on the timer symbol on the below right corner and then set the time as you wish. So that after the message is read by the person, the message will be deleted automatically according to the timer you set. Refer the screenshot given above.

That’s it guys, you are done. Now onwards you can send self-destructive messages on Facebook easily but this works only with messenger app in Android n IOS. It cannot be done on the desktop. Still, you can do it on the desktop using the Bluestack software in which you can use Android apps on pc. Nothing is impossible guys, Just you have to think over it and you have to find the solution like a pro.

In my next article, I am going to write about sending self-Destructive messages on different platforms and even sending a self-Destructive SMS on Android. Wait for it…

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