How To Send Images Without Compression On WhatsApp, Telegram, And Messenger?

Uhhhhh…I’m not able to send original pics in Whatsapp…What’s the matter…Ofcourse, you’ve been troubleshooting the same issue… Here we’ve solved the problem on “how to send photos without losing quality”….let you know this…

I think people like you wont waste the time without Whatsapp or Telegram or Messsenger. Sharing posts, scrolling chats and fighting online are common things we do everytime. Apart from that, Social apps like Whatsapp, Telegram will make you shout sometime. Because, the photos are not always sent in the best quality, in many cases they are compressed, which is something we do not want. I’ve been facing this problem many times…Hope you too….

So, I  started finding the ways to prevent this. Thanks to Google, there are many ways how to send full resolution photos from android on WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger . Here is a simple steps to follow…..

How to send images without compression in WhatsApp ?

By default, when we send photos on WhatsApp, 50% are usually compressed and their resolution is usually reduced . But if we want to send pictures without losing quality whatsapp, then you just have to follow a few steps in this regard:

how to send images without compression
  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. Enter the chat with the person you want to send the photo to.
  3. Click on the clip icon to send a file.
  4. Click on the Document option.
  5. Search for the photo or photos you want to send.(Visible in jpg or png format)
  6. Send the picture.

This allows the photo to be sent in the chat as if it were a file. The first thing you may notice is…the image you sent is not visible and it looks like a doc file. In this case, it allows the other person to download it manually. Thus, the photo remains its original size and resolution at all times. If you want to send more, you just have to repeat the process in the app itself.

How to send photo without compression in Telegram ?

If you’re using Telegram to send photos, then you face the same situation similar to the one we found in WhatsApp. The photo is compressed to a maximum size of 1280 × 1280 pixels in this case. In addition, a compression ratio of 87% is applied to it. It can lead to a significant loss of quality in that photo, especially if a photo has been taken in RAW format. To avoid this there are a couple of ways.

If possible, the best way is to make use of the desktop version of Telegram. This version allows users to send photos in their original size and resolution. It is very easy to achieve:

how to send images without compression
  1. Open Telegram in desktop version
  2. Select the photo or photos you want to send in this case
  3. Drag the selected photos directly to the chat session
  4. Now it display two options
  5. One of the options is to send uncompressed, on which you have to press
  6. Send the photo

If you do not use the desktop version, then follow the second method. It is very similar to the one we have used in the case of WhatsApp. Instead of sending the photo as a photo, we have to do it as if it were a file. The steps to follow in this case are:

how to send images without compression
  1. Open Telegram on your Android phone
  2. Enter the chat session
  3. Click on the clip icon
  4. Click on the file option
  5. Select the photo you want to send
  6. Now click send option

There may be people who send a photo on Telegram in RAW format. These types of photos are usually heavy in many cases. Meanwhile, a maximum weight of upto 1.5 GB is supported in this case. It can be an important limitation for many users who wanted to send heavy photos, but if it weighs less, then it is not a problem in this case.

How to send photos without compressing in Messenger ?

Messenger is one of the major applications that offer more possibilities in this field. It allows users to send uncompressed photos in resolutions up to 4K (4096 x 4096 pixels) . It is undoubtedly an important. It can also be obtained in the desktop version. The steps to follow are the same in both cases, in addition to being somewhat easier than in the cases of Telegram and WhatsApp . Here we will not have to do as if a photo file is a file, to avoid such loss of quality in it. A fairly simple method in this case. The steps to follow are:

  1. Open Messenger on your smartphone or web browser
  2. Enter the chat where you want to send the photo
  3. Click on the clip icon on the screen
  4. Choose the photos you want to send
  5. Send the picture

In this way,  you can send photos in social apps without any compression. Hope, you guys will try this. Comment here, if you have any issues regarding android and iOS apps.  

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