How To Play Android 10 Hidden Game?

how to play android 10 hidden game

At the beginning of this week, the final version of Android 10 finally arrived. Among all its features, we found a hidden game that is hidden inside its classic Easter egg. It is a Picross or Nonogram game, a puzzle in which we have to color the correct cells of a grid to discover the figure that hides, in this case with Android system icons.

How to activate the Easter egg from Android 10

how to play android 10 hidden game

To access the hidden game of Android 10 the first thing we have to do is activate your Easter egg, for this, we have to follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings> Phone information> Android version.
  • Press many times in a row on Android Version.

The Easter egg of Android 10 will be activated, which is nothing more than the logo of the new version of the operating system. You can move its letters across the screen, but to access its secret game we have to do one more step.

How to activate your secret game

To play the Android 10 Nonogram, you have to press and hold the number 1 to rotate. It has to rotate 45 degrees so that when moving it above the zero number it forms a Q, of Android Q. Once this is done you will only have to press several times in a row on the new letter Q to access the game.

If you don’t know how to play a Nonogram, in the grid you will see in the first column and in the top row the number of boxes you have to color. With the mobile in horizontal, you will see the top row and with the mobile in vertical the column. From there you will have to paint the board and discover the icon that hides.

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