How To Get Verified On Instagram For Free 2019 ?

How To Get Verified On Instagram For Free 2019

If you think that your profile on Instagram has the necessary quality to opt for verification, then this information is especially for you. In this article, you will know the steps to become a blue badge user that makes others recognize you. The most curious thing is that you can do this in a couple of minutes and you should not meet so many requirements. So, let’s get started.

To carry this out you just have to make the following indications:

• Enter your Instagram and go to the Profile Section.
• Press on 3 horizontal bars located in the upper right.
• Select the Configuration item.
• Once there, go to the Account option.
• Finally, enter the section Request verification and fill the blank form with your data.

How To Get Verified On Instagram For Free 2019

In this tab, you will find the application in which you will have to enter your username, full name, nickname, category and even an option is enabled to attach your national identity document. Of course, it is also important to note that, as stated by the same application, sending the request does not mean that your profile will be verified.

And How Can I Be More Likely To Verify My Instagram Account?

  1. Don’t worry, this is very tricky. Here, I can mention three simple tips that could verify your account in a very short time.
  2. Upload pictures in the evening or after 6 pm Only publish artistic photos, that attract users
  3. Use a suitable description with limited emoji’s

Make sure these tips are 100% tested and many people received Blue-Badge. you can also try these tips and send back your feedback to us.

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