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How To Download More Free WhatsApp Stickers


Finally, Whatsapp integrated stickers feature in its beta version and very soon comes to Playstore. You can download this Whatsapp beta version here and it is available on both Android and IOS. For some countries, it is not necessary to have a beta version to be able to test them.

How To Download More Free WhatsApp Stickers

just have to enter the emojis section and see the new icon that appears at the bottom. If you click on it, you will have access to them. If you still do not see this icon, you will have to wait a few more days until the update expands more globally. By default, only one downloaded whastapp stickers pack appears, that of the coffee cups. Do not worry, you can have a large collection of free WhatsApp stickers.

How To Download More Free WhatsApp Stickers

Within the stickers section, there is an option to the right where a ‘+’ symbol appears. This is where you will have to press to access all available ones. Unlike Telegram, WhatsApp has created several own packs for the most conformist users. Of course, there is an incredible world of possibilities that are already in the hands of developers.

Download more stickers from Google Play and Share them

If we go down to the bottom we will see that WhatsApp gives us the option to download more from Google Play. If we press we will open the Google application store with the search for ‘WhatsApp Stickers‘. There we will see several applications that at the moment are not what we are looking for. Of course, be patient. These applications leave us with common images and not with stickers, but the developers already have everything they need to start publishing their creations.

It is possible that at this moment there is not much content, but the thing will change shortly. You can enter this section and find the packs that you like the most. WhatsApp does not prevent you from paying for an application with stickers, but we are sure that most of them will be free.

At the moment you can download the packs offered by WhatsApp, which are not few. In the coming days, you can see how Google Play is filled with packs created by designers from around the world. There will be all kinds and installing them will be very simple. Even you can create WhatsApp stickers with basic knowledge about design and the necessary programs. For this, it will be mandatory to have a PC.

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