How To Download All Your Tinder Data?

How to download all your tinder data

Tinder has become the main reference when looking for a partner on the internet. A whole catalog of people to slide with, try to make a match and start a conversation, going out to the bars to flirt in 2020.

We will teach you how to download a copy of your personal data from Tinder, so you can have this information saved on your computer or mobile. The application saves a lot of information about us and it is always good to have control of how it does it.

How do I download my tinder data?

Tinder knows a lot about us, as we provide you with valuable information when creating our profile in the application. If we want to request a report or copy with all our data, we have to do it from the Tinder data address. We can access this address from our mobile phone and from the computer, we simply need access to request the copy.

I asked Tinder for my data. It sent me 800 pages of my deepest, darkest secrets.

But what exactly comes to us? First, we get a file with .json format, along with another in HTML format, the one that will most interest the bulk of users. By clicking on this HTML file we can access the report with our personal data from Tinder, divided into several sections.

  • User Data
  • Media files
  • Message History
  • In-app purchases
  • Spotify
  • Usage data
  • Bells
  • Experiences
  • Student Verification
  • CCPA Information

We can highlight some interesting data, such as what we see in the usage data. Here they will indicate the number of likes we have given and the return in matches we have had. This is a good way to make our own statistics on the success we have had (or not) in Tinder.

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On the other hand, we can check the message history directly from this report, without having to enter the application to see them, conversation after conversation. In short, information that does not hurt to have in our possession.

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