How To Delete Spotify Account Permanently?

How to delete spotify account permanently

I don’t like this fucking Spotify. Yes, I deleted my Spotify account within 2 weeks…..Ofcourse, Spotify has attracted many users, yet it does not prevent people from wanting to delete their account. Here is the procedure to delete spotify account permanently.

We already now that Spotify exists since 2006 and became the world’s largest streaming service (I wont believe it). Currently, it rubs shoulders with other competing services, such as Apple Music, Amazon Music. By the end of 2018, the music platform had more than 87 million paying users, for about 40 million titles.

Simple Steps To Delete Your Spotify Account

Spotify has strengths that have allowed it to gather as many users on its music streaming platform, but the service is far from perfect, so some people want to delete their account. Definitely. Be careful, closing an account does not only mean ending your subscription but closing any link with the streaming platform. If one day you want to return to the service, you will have to recreate a space.

Attention, the approach is not possible on the mobile application of Spotify. Indeed, the category ” About ” exists, it does not allow access to contact forms.

Sign In To Your Spotify Account

  • To close your account, you must first connect to your Spotify account directly from a web browser. As usual, you must use your username and password or sign in with Facebook.
  • Then you have to go to the bottom of the page to find the “ About ” category, located to the right of the Spotify logo. In the ” Customer support ” section, you must then click on ” Contact form ” in paragraph three.
  • Once at this stage, Spotify offers several categories so that the service can provide you with the necessary help. It is within these headings that you will find the category necessary to delete the account.
  • As of this step, the process to delete your Spotify account is much simpler and more intuitive. Indeed, just choose the category ” Account ” and click on the third line: ” I want to close my Spotify account permanently”.
  • As the music platform makes clear, closing your Spotify account obviously has consequences, so your username cannot be reused. In the same way, all your backups – be it songs, playlists and profiles – cannot be recovered. To validate the closure of the account, simply click on “ Close an account“.
  • Spotify will confirm the deletion of an account, specifying that it can take a few days to be efficient.

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