How To Delete Snapchat Account Permanently?【2019】

delete snapchat account

Snapchat is a social network that lost many of its users recently. This is because of Instagram and Facebook grab more attention from users by integrating new features in their platforms. I think you might be also choosing these platforms instead of Snapchat….or else, you might be bored in using Snapchat….So, what do you do know…… Want to delete your Snapchat account? Of course, Me too…Then, follow my steps on “How to delete Snapchat account permanently“.

Looking forHow to delete your Snapchat account

Not only you and me…There are several users who already stopped using the application. Although the App has kept its updates, it has not been possible to compete with revolutionized social networks like Instagram.

Snapchat managed to be a predominant social network, but today there are few users who continue to use the application. For this reason, many of us chosen to delete Snapchat account, since they do not use the platform.

Delete Snapchat account permanently 2019

Users who have chosen to delete Snapchat account is because they no longer use it. If you want to delete Snapchat account permanently, just follow the simple steps:

  • Go to the Snapchat app
  • Enter the main menu
  • Select in “Settings” (gear icon)
  • Click on “Help”
  • Go to “My account and settings”
  • Select “Account Information” on Snapchat account portal
  • At the end “Delete account” will appear, press there, a pop-up message will appear.
  • Now click on Accept and your account will be deleted forever

There you have it, guys! Now you are free from Snapchat and ready to start a new life. Or you can just reactivate it when you start feeling withdrawals! 

Do this before you delete Snapchat account 2019

The process is fast, the only drawback you could face is that you regret when pop-up messages (alerts) begin to appear. It often makes us regret closing our account. But if you are determined, you will have no problem closing a Snapchat profile.

It is important that you need to know the password of your account to be able to close successfully. Since the last step will ask you the password to complete the process. One more thing, better to change your personal data in your Snapchat account, so it is safe and secure. Hope, you guys like this article and immediately delete Snapchat account in no time.

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