How To Create Free Website Without Investing Any Money ?

how to create a website at free of cost

Nowadays, creating websites is becoming passion and professionalism to everyone.People are highly interested in doing online marketing using websites.Everyone can make their own site easily.But it is really hard to get a professional website without spending a single penny.It takes nearly $100 to buy the domain and hosting service.If you want to make it for free, I have the real trick.In this section, I’m here to give the complete stuff about how to create best free of cost.

First Step: Create a blog spot from blogger

It is as much easy as possible to do.I found this trick after turning several google web pages.Later I found this amazing tactic.First of all, you need a blogspot site. To create a blogspot, follow above steps clearly.

->Sign in to your Google account in Chrome browser.

->Go to and sign in using your Gmail address.

->Now you will see a display like thisblogger dashboard

->Write your website title and Blogspot address

->Choose any of the templates you like

->Select “Create blog

Now, you created a sub-domain website using blogger.Go to blogger dashboard and preview your blogspot.After doing this all, get ready to have a custom domain from freenom.

Second Step: Create custom domain website from Freenom

Freenom is a domain registering platform where both paid and free domains are available.

->Go to official website

->Register a free account and verify your mail

->Check the availability of your domain

->Use (.tk) to get the free domain for 12 months.

create free website using free domain from freenom

Now you’ve got a .tk domain in your hands.

How to setup custom domain in blogger?

To do this step, you need to go blogger dashboard and follow the path.

Dashboard >> Settings >> Basic >>

-> Click  “set up a third party URL” and drop your custom domain in blog address

-> You can get a display with name, label and target fields and copy all the details in notepad

-> Now go to login to Freenom account and follow the path below

Dashboard >> Manage Freenom DNS >> Create new record

-> Create two records and copy blogger server details same as below screenshot

blogger dashboard

-> Click “change nameservers” and save it

-> Wait for 5 minutes and preview your website

That’s all, and you have done well.You can also use variant content management system, but with blogger, you can get free hosting.Right now, It is easy to create a blog, online magazine, e-commerce website and social site using you own .tk website.You can also use custom templates from B templates.

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Any alternative domains and sites exist for free?

Of course there exist, here is list (.ml .tk .ga .cf .gq) domains available for free. List of online sites provides free domains similar to Freenom.

List of online sites provides free domains similar to Freenom.


Customer review :

Freenom is getting a good response from trusted people.It can help you to get free domains anonymously by changing DNS. So, that it is safe and trusted a site.

wecreate free website

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