How Apex Legends Has Reached 50 Million Players In A Month?

Apex Legends

That’s it…The official Battle Royale…..Apex Legends has surprised everyone by posting on their Twitter account that they have already reached 50 million players. Of course, comparisons are not waiting and Apex Legends has reached that figure in just four weeks and has broken another record over Fortnite.

The Twitter post also reveals a video showing a milestone to 50 million downloads. This video also recalls 1.23 billion activated abilities and 31 billion placed pings. In comparison, the direct competitor of Apex Legends, Fortnite, counted a total of 46 million players after four weeks, a little less than the 50 million of the newcomer on the market.

But how did Apex Legends seduce a total of 50 million players in just one month? In addition to the quality of the game itself, several elements can explain this success. On the one hand, the game was launched without any communication upstream, which was a significant advantage in this case, mainly because it has greatly aroused the curiosity of players.

On the other hand, Apex Legends came on the market at a time when players already knew the mechanisms of this type of games, so that they were already accustomed to the concept of royal battle. Indeed, PUBG, Fortnite, and others had already been there, accustoming users to the principles of map, parachute, team, and strategy. The new game has been adopted more easily.

Finally, the fact that Apex Legends is played only in teams of three has also contributed to the success of the game, motivating players to play with their friends.

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