HMD Had Plans To Launch A Nokia Smartwatch With Wear OS

Nokia Smartwatch

In 2013, Microsoft acquired Nokia and canceled all the manufacturing of its products. However, it seems that the company that took over Nokia, HMD Global, also saw the need to cancel several important projects, including the development of a smartwatch and a tablet.

In an interview recently offered by a representative of HMD Global, the executive said that Nokia does not currently plan to explore other categories of products apart from the industries in which it is already active.

Existence Of Nokia Smartwatch

Therefore, in the coming years, there is very little chance of seeing wearables, tablets of the Nokia brand. However, an interesting fact is that the company designed a smartwatch that was almost ready for launch, although it was canceled at the last moment.

This smartwatch would have run the operating system Wear OS and was prepared to compete with other major products in the market. Of course, we do not know the exact date or the year in which HMD could have gotten this watch if it had continued with the project.

One of the biggest reasons why the smartwatch could have been canceled was probably the high level of competition from Apple Watch and other brands in the sector, such as Fitbit or Garmin.

The company has already experimented in the past with wearables, specifically in 2016 when Nokia announced the purchase of Withings, a company that had several technology products focused on health monitoring, including several hybrid watches.

However, Nokia returned Withings to its former owner last year in the face of difficulties in extracting profitability from the brand.

But not to end the article with a bad taste in the mouth, then we leave you with a video by designer Omar Pirela that presents how it would have been a Nokia Lumia smartwatch. It’s just a concept created in the days when Nokia was still in the hands of Microsoft.

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