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Here We Go On The Asus Zenfone SQ Launch In The US




Are you a Fan of Asus zenfone series? Here is the news you would want to hear the most.
Asus Zenfone SQ has been launched in the US on 11th June 2018. This is quite a surprise as the makers revealed that it was scheduled to be released only in the month of July.


Being launched earlier, this is definitely going to rule the market for quite some time from now.This phone is said to be another version of Asus Zenfone 5 Lite with an upgraded version of the Android. This is what makes it unique and different. Snapdragon 630 is the processor on board for this phone having a 6 inch Full HD touch screen with 4 GB of RAM and a internal memory storage of 64GB. This phone also comes with a 3,300 mAh battery giving you higher battery capacity. Would you say no to a device that you could sit with for more hours without having to charge it often?



Guess, what’s the best part about it? It has four cameras, two in the rear and two in the
front. The rear camera is a 16MP one with a 80 degree field view with another camera
beside giving you a 120 degree field view. As far as the front cameras are concerned, both
the cameras are a 20MP one with one giving a 85.5 degree field view and the other, 120
degree field view. Enabled with a handset that runs Android Oreo, , it also has the facility of
Dual Sim.
The smart phone is priced at a rate of $299 in the US. With the price ranged at a much
affordable rate, why wait when you could own the new launch under the Asus Zenfone

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