Google PlayStore Detects 29 Camera Apps That Stole User Data

Google playstore found danger camera apps

It is not the first time Google think about security scandal. In fact, last November Google deleted 13 different games that spread malware. We started the week with similar news since Google has just blocked access to 29 camera apps in the Play Store.

As they comment from Android Police, the security firm Trend Micro has discovered 29 malicious applications hidden as camera apps aimed at the beauty sector. Apparently, these applications captured the traffic of their users, tried to steal their personal data and even sent their photos to private servers. Although Google has cut off access to these tools, the applications had millions of downloads.

Once installed, some of the apps showed full-screen ads with adult content images. In addition, others took users to websites that were intended to steal their personal data, which highlights the magnitude of the problem. And the worst of all, such apps also hide their icon, making it difficult for the user to eliminate it if it detected something suspicious.

Apparently, the vast majority of apps scored 1 and 5 stars, which indicates they were false scores, while the negative ones were real users who had been deceived. Of course, from Trend Micro have published the list with the 29 affected applications, among them are Pro Camera Beauty, Cartoon Art Photo or Selfie Camera Pro.

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