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Google Maps would be testing a new feature of instant messaging, but with a specific use, that would allow users to communicate directly with companies.

Instant messaging would reach Google Maps, but it’s not what you think

Google Maps is – surely – one of the most used apps in our daily routine because it helps us move from one place to another, providing useful information at all times. We recently learned that one of the testing features that allow users to send messages to local businesses. However, some rumors indicate that the function was already beginning to be implemented in several users of the app in certain countries.

Google maps

In this way, as Phonearena details, users could access specific company information that may be difficult to find on their website, improving the user experience. Anyway, the news comes through a screenshot offered by a Reddit user that showed how the function was enabled in their business.

Remember that Google usually tries with a small group of people with certain functions before implementing them. As detailed by BGR – it is likely that the Message option – located according to the capture in the side options menu of Google Maps – does not allow internal communication between users, but directly with compatible local businesses or businesses.

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