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Fuchsia OS: New Operating System Developed By Google In 2018


Today, I really think of exciting technical aspects that I brought here. This day I’m gonna tell you about a new operating system developed by Google called, Fichsia OS.

The rumor of Fuchsia OS, which is widely known so far, begins from the past 2 years.That’s the time where Android officially launched its new Nougat update. There was a plenty of gossips about this new aspect of Android OS version and promised to bring it so. In the Google scale of world technology, all eyes were focused on it. But, without any public proclamation, a strange code was anonymously published on Github, telling that Google was actually functioning on a new operating system, one called Fuchsia. From this moment the information on this operating system is moderately weak but still adequate to spark interest in the tech world. Thus, from this article, I’m gonna try to explain it.

It is that Fuchsia OS is a real-time OS (RTOS), which means that it is alleged to serve applications in real time that process data when they associate without intermediate storage. Unlike the two previous operating systems of Google(Android and Chrome), Fuchsia is not a Linux based one.It is a microkernel-based one, called Magenta.  More exclusively according to the credentials on Github, it is composed of a microkernel as well as a tiny set of userspace service controllers and libraries, needed for the system to boot space processes of the user material and execute them.

Currently, Magenta itself is based on another kernel called LittleKernel, which is intended for small systems that are generally used in integrated applications. Considering the documentation, the magenta compilations are based on LK. As the previous layers are innovative. In recent times, Fuchsia has been rationalized with a new user interface called Armadillo which is written using flutter. Flutter, a Google’s software development kit, used for making android and iOS apps. This new UI has a design based on cards, a basic section has a profile image accompanied by information about the day, time and small battery sign.

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>> By tapping on the profile image, a map opens showing the additional battery and network info, sliders for volume and brightness, also some adjustment buttons.

>> Swiping from the bottom up, it shows a list of labeled cards as proposals on which one can notice a feature that urges us to ask over anything.

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google os fichsia

>> You can also reveal a fundamental keyboard having a restricted functionality compared to smartphone keyboards, which we are used in these days.

>> Finally, by swiping up and down, another series of cards are revealed as spaces more prone to future apps.

Also, cards can set-off fullscreen when you touch on them and they seem to be optimized for multitasking because you can stack a several of them, one on top of the other.

Now, the big question everyone faces is “Why  Google needs a third OS and what devices are they intend to use ?”. Also, there are many speculations at this time. You know some people are estimating that Fichsia could even replace Android.But Google not announced any statements regarding its new OS. So everything is just speculation. We don’t know whether magenta would target smartphones and PCs. So yes, at this point everything seems to be possible.

However, it will be for everyone. If you enjoy this article, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for landing on our page and as always I will look after you I coming articles.



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