Google Chrome: How To Enable Dark Mode On Windows 10?

Chrome 74 dark mode

After macOS with Chrome 73, the “Dark mode” of the browser is now also available for Windows 10 users with Chrome 74.

Google intends to install this feature under Windows in a progressive manner. While the majority of users cant accessing this feature..but this article might help you

With Chrome 74 version, Google integrates the long-awaited dark mode for its users who are running Windows 10. However, to enable “dark mode”, Chrome will rely on Windows 10 display preferences. If the OS is configured in dark mode, then Chrome will do the same! An option that is quite compelling if you want Chrome in dark mode, but not in Windows.

If you still want to enable dark mode regardless of the Windows 10 display settings, there is a small hidden trick.

Force The Dark Mode Of Chrome

The manipulation is very simple to perform, just follow the above steps. Make sure, you are using the Chrome 74 version.

  • Start by right-clicking on the chrome icon and select Properties.
  • When a new window opens, you will have to modify the “Target” field, by simply adding –force-dark-mode.
Chrome 74 dark mode
  • Validate the change by clicking Apply, then OK.
  • Done !!! Google Chrome should logically be in dark mode once you have restarted!

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