Google Assistant With Dark Theme Could Arrive Before Android Q

Google assistant dark mode

One of the expected innovations for Android Q is the dark theme integrated by default in the system and activated in the settings. However, some apps are already being updated to include this feature (like YouTube ), and the Google app. Now it also appears in Google Assistant.

The latest beta version of the app (5.9), in fact, allows you to show the results tab in dark mode, with a completely black background and white text. To activate it the user must be inactive energy saving mode or the “night mode” must be activated within the Android Pie developer options.

Google assistant dark mode

Everything is still in a primordial stage of development, as much as that all the rest of the interface remains a bright white. And the transitions between the light and dark theme are not very fluid or suffer from some bugs. We will probably not see this theme soon in the stable version, as the work to be done is still a lot. However, if the development were to proceed swiftly likely to see Assistant dark suit before the arrival of Android Q. You like it?

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