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Google Announces 17 New Smartphones Recommended For Enterprise Use


Evolution of smartphone has become increased at present. Everyone use Smartphone’s for various purposes but now Google has published 17 classifications of Smartphones for the enterprise application. They are:

  1. Google Pixel 2:

This phone has Android operating system have flexible option and easy to use as well. Pixel 2 is the top most competitive brand among others.

  1. Google Pixel 2 XL:

Its larger display will mesmerize the users and it will look different. The package is extended with innovative designs and themes.

  1. Apple iPhone 8

The specification of this Smartphone is enough to buy such as glass-and-metal case, a superb camera, and strong performance. Also other facilities like Face ID performance, wireless charging capacity is massive.

  1. Apple iPhone X:

The display on this phone is OLED and dual-lens camera otherwise same design like the previous version.

  1. Moto Z3 Play:

All the series of Moto is good intentioned handset but this version has 6-inch AMOLED display followed by the 18:9 aspect ratios. A huge comeback is it has 128GB of internal storage.

  1. BlackBerry Key2:

Key 2 design in the same way as KeyOne but provided with an additional hold of diamond grip at the back

  1. Motorola Moto Z2 Force:

It looks good and edible to take high-quality pictures.

  1. Apple iPhone SE/6S/6S Plus


Use Apple iOS 11 with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

  1. HTC U11:

Response speed and have Google Assistant in its feature.

  1. LG G6

Inbuilt firmware is water resistance included with multiple apps.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9:

Enabled with a high secured fingerprint sensor

  1. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus:

Recognised camera feature with flexible specifications

  1. Apple iPhone 7:

Equivalent feature as the previous version but has software updates.

  1. Razer Phone

Automatic refreshment providing capacity for every 120 seconds

  1. Huawei Mate 10 Pro:

Chinese model dual lens camera

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

Fancy stylus-based features with high performance

  1. OnePlus 5T:

Portrait mode camera completes with iPhone X and Google’s Pixel

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