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Good Waves For The Google Project Soli


Soli came again. This technology project of Google, resulting from the work of the ATAP group, was presented in 2015, during the conference Google I / O. The principle is simple: to control a device … without touching it.

But as with everything that seems simple, the technology behind it is complex. Equipped with Soli, a connected watch can be controlled with gestures made without touching the screen. During the 2016 Google I / O, the search engine introduced the functional prototype of a Soli-equipped smartwatch capable of detecting motion up to 15 meters.

Radar Too Powerful

There was a lot of interest in the demonstration, but Google had a technical as well as a legal problem. The radar needed for Soli technology needed high power, which could cause interference with other systems. Problematic, especially in aircraft cabins.

Google Project Soli

The FCC, which certifies all devices equipped with a wireless chip for the US market, has finally given the go-ahead: Soli radar sensors can operate at higher frequencies, but not as much as in the original application of Google. In this case, the American commission had been referred by Facebook: Oculus, the VR branch of the social network, had indeed raised these problems of interference.

Now that everyone has agreed, Google has finally opened a studio to continue the experiments around Soli. The group, however, did not reveal anything of its intentions.

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