Giphy Arcade: One-Stop Platform To Create And Share Simple Games

Giphy Arcade

Giphy, one of the most relevant search engine for GIFs on the internet, has just released its own gaming platform ‘Giphy Arcade‘. It can be accessed both from a smartphone and a PC. In the days of Google Stadia and Apple Arcade, its commitment to the game on the classic web is curious.

Giphy Arcade allows users to play the arcade mini-games that are already available. In addition, it allows the user to create simple fair games and are able to share them on the web like sharing GIFs. While creating the games, one can start from scratch, or from existing games, changing some elements to form new games. Of course, the process of creating games differs from PC to smartphone.

Create Games Everywhere

Giphy Arcade

In the case of PC, Giphy Arcade allows users to manually select templates, characters, backgrounds, and soundtracks. Once all these elements have been chosen, just put the titles for your games and the games are ready to play and share on the web. The created games generate a custom URL also. In case of creating games form a smartphone, you have to choose templates. And depending upon the selection made, the platform will ask them three questions, subsequently generating their games.

Initially, Giphy Arcade offers 30 backgrounds and 20 music tracks to choose from when creating the games. As we see, the creative possibilities are reduced to choosing elements through different categories to get the titles themselves. Although this allows the games to be available in a matter of seconds, being also very simple games, although no less addictive.

Giphy Arcade

With the launch of Giphy Arcade, Giphy partnered with the fast-food company Wendy’s. So, one can get new elements when buying food. This is the way Giphy proposes to monetize its new section, although this must be skilled enough to urge users to share their games on the web. So, other users can play and return to the platform to create their own games.

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