First Traces Of Oppo Limn: It Could Be An Unrivalled Folding Tablet

Oppo Limn

Oppo is almost ready to dive back into the tablet market. The Chinese company will make it in a different way: it will not launch a low-end device, but an innovative product, perhaps even a folding tablet.

Oppo Limn

The mysterious product should be part of the new Limn series, an unpublished brand for which Oppo requested registration a few days ago at the EUIPO European body. At the moment, the information reported by the rumors are very poor, but it could be a tablet also dedicated to the design, therefore equipped with a pen or other input device.

The only thing that is certain is that Oppo is working to bring this device to Europe, as evidenced by the registration of the trademark at an entity of the Old Continent. The hope is that more news related to this tablet can be revealed in the coming weeks, and then see an eventual launch during the MWC 2019 at the end of February.


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