First Beta Version Of Android Q Arrives On Pixel Devices

Android Q beta arrives

Although a bit later, the first beta of Android Q has arrived, which will be able to install for now. Currently, the new beta version of Android supports only Pixel devices, while the developers already have the Android Q SDK in the preview phase.

In this regard, the new version will also reach the first Pixel devices that came on the market, Pixel and Pixel XL. For the rest, Google points out that Android Q is a developed version with additional privacy and security features for users, and that it will also take into account the recent innovations. Such as the use of 5G connectivity, the use of folding devices, among other new experiences.

In terms of privacy and security, Google points out that, Android Q will offer more control when granting access to the location itself to the application that may need it.

Otherwise, interruptions will also be avoided for those applications that are in the background and jump to the foreground. Thanks to the introduction of high priority notifications, shortcuts to share elements between applications are improved, and the access to the configuration panels through access from the applications.

Android Q will also bring new connectivity APIs, new media codecs and camera capabilities. All the information is available in the official announcement that the company has offered.

Android Q

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