Mozilla Firefox 65 reaches all devices

A little over a month after the last update, the versions for PC, Mac, and Android of the famous Firefox browser pass to the number 65. The additions are not very many, but they could be very interesting for someone: let’s go and find out.

Let’s start with the most Spartan, that of Android: Mozilla has improved performance, or has made the scrolling faster and “responsive”. In addition, we find the usual bug fixation, including the restoration of the Chromecast controls in the right position.

On the other hand, the PC and Mac side are more full-bodied: improved protection from the contents of web pages, the “language” section of preferences and the video streaming experience, on Windows, thanks to the support of AV1 video compression technology. Mac users, however, will get support for Handoff.

In all versions, security against “Stack smashing” has also been increased and support for the WebP image format has been added. All these three versions are already available for download , you just have to update!

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