How Can I Find My Android Device When It Losts ?

use find my phone app to locate phone

Just lost your android smartphone, where you be there.Ya, it is common for everyone in losing it.Even I too lost my handset many times, later I realized to follow safe things. While the sympathy is up to you and you all hope is not lost yet. Because there are many ways to get back your lost or stolen Android device.

Hi guys, this is Jayapal from and this article is going to be all about how to find your lost phone.

How To Get Back your Lost Android device Easily?

Let’s relax, just calm down and you might get back your smartphone soon by following this simple trick.

#1 First Trick :

The first thing is to track your android device through google’s built-in android device manager feature.Most of the modern day Android smartphones, were with android device manager is enabled.Now it is available in play store with the name “find my phone.

find my phone playstore app

If you hadn’t enabled, you can go to the find my phone app.Just log in to Gmail account of your lost device.Then, you should see phones listed along with other phones you signed in on.There you will able to view the device’s location.Now, you can bring it, lock it or even erase the data in it.However,  there is a catch. Remember that you can only do this only if your device is still turned ON or connected to the internet with GPS location enabled.

Ya, that’s a lot of requisite.But, this just work for people who have lost their phones nearby.As they can easily ring it and find the devices.

#2 Second Trick :

If find my phone doesn’t work out for you. You can check out Google’s location history, to see where your phone was active, the last time you lost it.

Also if you have an android wear a smartwatch, and if you think you may have lost smartphone where you buy.Then, you can just say “Ok Google, start to find my device”. It makes your phone start ringing. Of course, it only works when your smartphone paired up with android wear via Bluetooth.

If these ways, don’t don’t work for you. You will have to report the matter to cops by taking your device IMEI number.

-> How to find device IMEI number?

Well, these are the few ways to which you can find your lost phone. However, if you ask me, I will always be on a safe side.

How Can I Prevent It From Happening Again?

And here are the few things you should do to prevent losing android smartphone.

First, you should make sure, whether android device manager is enabled on your phone or not. To check follow the path.

Go to settings >> Scroll down and move to Google >> Security options >> Switch ON two options under android connected to internet >>  Enable location access


find my android

If you want more protection, you can install one of the anti-theft apps.

Is There Any Other Security Apps?

I would recommend Cerberus is the best. It is the plethora of advanced features. Once you installed and registered in this app. Cerberus lets you remotely access the device, tracks its location, take pictures of the theft, wipe it and more.

find my phone

-> Download Cerberus app from play store right now

And you can also check out other play store apps like lost android, look out, prey anti-theft etc…

android playstore

Well, I hope these ways helped you to find lost the Smartphone.Subscribe our newsletter, If you haven’t already.And if you have any doubts, let it know in comment section. Thanks a lot

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