30+ Most Surprising Facts About Google In History

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Hey, everybody, I’m here to present to you 30 random facts about google incorporated everything from crazy search results down to how they take care of their one.Let’s get to it.

Check out 32 surprising facts about Google

  1. Initially, Google is so called as “Backrub”.
  2. Larry Page and his co-founder tried to sell Google.But they turned back after getting excited.
  3. Google’s 1st Doodle came from the Burning Man festival in 1998
  4. When you search ASKEW in Google, all the matter is going to tilt in right away.
  5. Google is ready to pay half of the amount monthly when its employee dies.And their children get $1,000 stipend up to 19 years age.
  6. Do you know, daily 16 percent of the Google searches has never seen back before.
  7. Google founders brought a pet, namely, Stan always stayed in California.
  8. Recently. Google-owned a camel in order to build the street view of a desert.
  9. The fact that Google costs “I’m feeling lucky” button for more than 112 million dollars per year.
  10. Google can easily perform 2 million searches in a single minute.
  11. As Google launched Gmail in 2004, people have seen it as a prank of April Fool’s Day.
  12. The 1st tweet  Google sentenced was I’m feeling lucky which s in binary form.
  13. In 2014, Fortune magazine from the US sentenced Google is the best working company in the world.
  14. Google founders are accidentally misspelled the company as “GOOGOL” at first, which denotes a number with 100 zeros
  15. In 2013, global internet traffic has dropped down to 40% as Google stopped its services for 5 minutes.
  16. Employees in Google has never feel busy during work, as Google allows freedom to everyone.
  17. In 2010, Google acquired 2 companies which are popularised today.
  18. Google has bought its domain name in all top-level domains.
  19. A single Google search requires more computing power than it took to send Apollo 11 to the moon.
  20. The company offered $20 million for any team who could land on the moon by New Year’s Eve of 2016.
  21. Most popular Google maps have the capacity to track the Android device traffic on moving.
  22. As Gmail came exist in 2004, it initially offered 1 GB for every user as Hotmail gives only 2MB storage.
  23. Over 200 algorithms and factors are taken up by Google in order to deliver the search results for suitable queries in real time.
  24. By 2020, Google Trends aimed to induce 129 million unique books.
  25. More than $20 Billion of income is getting by Google from advertisements.
  26. Goats from Maya in California are available to Google HQ employees to cut their lawns and fields.
  27. Google spent $10 million for hiring a developer from FireFox.
  28. IN 2007, Google sent a prank message to all his employees, on the occasion of April Fools Day.
  29. Google’s artificial technology became one of the best inventions in 2017
  30. Facebook dropped his competition on a rival of Google.
  31. NASA providing a secret runway access for Larry page and Sergeys private planes.
  32. Google’s first computer storage system was built using legos

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