Every Facebook User Must Know About What Really Happened With Facebook?



You know guys, I heard a lot of news about Facebook in this week.Still, you’re in doubt and a lot of queries crawling on your mind like What happened to Facebook? And What is Cambridge Analytica? All people are thinking about it.Even Donald Trump interfere in this Facebook data scandal.Don’t worry guys, I’m here to roll this news with you.

What happened to Facebook?

Two days back, Facebook shares have been fell down by 5% as CEO Zucker Berg, agreed to present evidence in front of Congress about the corporate scandal.

The story began with Cambridge Analytica’s firm, who has collected information on about 50 million Facebook profiles as a part of its bid to influence 2016 election.They just used quiz app spams that harvested millions of peoples data.It is reported that the data analyst firm had helped Donald Trump during elections, was able to collect users information illegally.This made Facebook’s market value has come down by almost $50 billion since Friday.

Talking about this issue, Zuckerberg claimed that “It was a breach of belief, and I’m sorry we did not do much at that time.We are taking steps to ensure that it does not happen again.”

Many companies have stopped their advertisements on Facebook, after which it has been found that data firm Cambridge Analytica has made unfair use of millions of peoples data from Facebook. Also, Mark Zuckerberg returns the blow to Donald Trump’s claim that Facebook is completely against him.

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What is Cambridge Analytica accused on Facebook?

Cambridge Analytica is coming from British analytics firm who helped Donald Trump in targeting online voters in political campaigns of US presidency.The explosion of Cambridge Analytica scandal occurred when WhilstleBower Wylie accused of collecting information from Facebook users and used this data for manipulating their opinion in favor of Donald Trump.

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What is the issue on FacebookDelete campaign?

There was a hashtag on Twitter, “#DeleteFacebook” which is a campaign rolling out on all the social platforms.Facebook users are already in hurt due to losing their personal info from FB.And they are trying to disconnect in droves.The company also introduced a new tool for deleting an account permanently with saving data in offline.

Facebook receives the blows it deserves for its surprising negligence by allowing Cambridge Analytica to use undemocratic and liar sleazebags to collect date from their company.Most of its users are run away from Facebook in a completely justified disgrace.

Those who left Facebook are worried about possible abuse of heir data-certainly a practical disquiet.When we talk about others, leaving Facebook, primarily prohibit their services.

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After the encounter of such fraud injury, Facebook changes some rules to counter the current developments.

Here are some decisions are taken by Facebook authorities :

  • No longer to allow third-party apps for advertising
  • Complete protection for users data
  • Auto-deleting fake accounts

Further updates of Facebook include easy access to user settings and tools to easily search, delete personal stored info.Also, menu with shortcut privacy is going to emerge incoming updates.

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